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A Better Customer Experience

If you weren’t so busy you might notice your own website looks awful on smartphones. The best mobile websites create a satisfying user experience. They look and feel solid, like part of the phone itself.

Fast Touch-Style Navigation

Traditional website menus are usually a pain to use on smartphones. Mobile websites have menus that are touch sensitive and intuitive to the user. That’s a big plus!

Everything Just Works!

Much of what is seen or used on mobile website designs will not show up properly on smartphones. A well designed mobile website sorts all of that out. Fonts and images will not be distorted.

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Why your website may not function well on smartphones:

Pages do not re-size. Only part of each will show on a smartphone device. That means the user will have to use hand gesters (pinch, pull and swipe) to move parts of the page into view. It’s better to see a re-sized mobile page, then if the viewer wants to see the original website he or she can link back to it.

Most business website menus are awkward to use on a smartphone, if you can use them at all! If a customer can’t navigate your site on a smartphone chances are they will probably search elsewhere.  Mobile websites have simpler menu structure that is more visually appealing and easy to use.
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If your company website has attractive, eye-catching features or scripts driven by flash and/or java, those features are not very likely to show up on a smartphone. Such features will usually show as an annoying blank space on mobile. iPhones, for instance do not use flash, so they will never see your fancy flash-driven slider. Well designed mobile websites can be made very attractive, with images and videos by employing modern HTML5 technology.

The bottom line is that most business websites do not currently perform well on mobile. This is an opportunity for smart managers to get a fair advantage over competitors. Mobile websites are relatively inexpensive. Let the mobile version of your website be the one that users migrate to, instead of avoiding! Visit us on Google+